Inspiring positive behavior change in individuals with chronic health conditions.

Notable Outcomes

  • 89% average daily adherence across all enrolled populations

  • 0.96% reduction in A1c levels in a poorly controlled, elderly Type 2 Diabetics population over 12 months

  • 100% appointment attendance at an outpatient behavioral health clinic for enrolled population with severe mental illness

  • 92% decrease in avoidable ER utilization in a Type 2 Diabetic population

  • 88% Net Promoter Score

Flagship Customers:

Mount Sinai Health System, Coordinated Behavioral Care, AdventHealth DeLand, Staten Island Performing Provider System, Montefiore Medical Center

Awards and Recognition

  • Finalist in LyfeBulb & UnitedHealthGroup’s 2019 Depression & Anxiety Innovation Challenge

  • Winner of the 2018 American College of Cardiology Innovation Challenge

  • 2018 Heritage Award winner for Innovation in Healthcare

Founded 2014
HQ Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY
Funding $7.6m
Leadership Matthew Loper, CEO
Alex Zopf, CTO
Russ Gagnon, Chief Product Officer
Employees 11-50

Recent Headlines

  • Launched with a large NY-based Medicaid MCO

  • Launched with a CA-based Next Generation Accountable Care Organization

  • Launched with a CPAP Medical Device Manufacturer

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Company Vision

Wellth strives to maximize behavior change in chronic disease populations by motivating patients to engage in healthy behaviors, while making the process as enjoyable as possible. Their approach incorporates Behavioral Economics, or the study of why people tend not to act ‘rationally in their own self-interests’ to align patient incentives directly with improved behaviors and outcomes.

People adversely affected by social determinants of health may not be optimally engaged in their own self care, despite their best intentions. This intent-behavior gap can be explained by Present Bias: As humans, we tend to be more motivated by instant and tangible gratification than long-term payoff.

To counteract these tendencies, Wellth provides an immediate, appealing benefit for high-risk patients, delivered through a user-friendly experience that unlocks deep, aligned motivations to take action towards healthier decisions.


Target Customer: At-risk health systems and health plans seeking to improve clinical outcomes and costs within their highest-risk member populations

Market Footprint: 15+ customers across 6 states

Key Investors: Boehringer Ingelheim’s Venture Fund, AXA Venture Partners, New York Life Insurance Company, NFP’s Venture Fund, CD-Venture, HeathBox, the Partnership Fund for New York City, and Yabeo.


Solution Overview


Product Description

Wellth’s Medication Adherence Rewards Program motivates individuals diagnosed with chronic health conditions to adhere to the daily behaviors that generate outcomes.

Powered by a Behavioral Economics engine and intuitive smartphone design, Wellth employs a unique approach to provide daily financial incentives to overcome patients’ Present Bias. On a daily basis, enrolled individuals simply snap a photo of their healthy behaviors (e.g. taking a medication) to immediately earn instant financial rewards.



Key Features

  • Support for people with Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, COPD, Asthma, and Behavioral Health

  • Wellth leverages key concepts from Behavioral Economics (the ‘endowment effect’ and ‘loss aversion’), Habit Science (‘trigger-behavior-reward’ interface), and Choice Architecture to maximize member engagement and behavior change

  • A live Member Specialist team handles all patient enrollment, adherence monitoring, and ongoing product support

  • The platform supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and Russian

  • The app is designed to optimize data usage, to support individuals with limited data plans or weak/limited internet connections



Pricing Model

Outcomes-based PMPM model, wherein Wellth's fees are contingent on achieving metrics in patient enrollment, adherence, and outcomes



Services Offered

  • Live and Ongoing Product Support

  • Weekly Adherence Reporting

  • Product Training for Clinical Staff

  • Product Configuration and Customization