Changing lives by guiding individuals to better health in their communities.

Notable Outcomes

  • 92% Made healthier food choices

  • 85% Lost weight/ 65% Achieved weight-loss goals

  • 91% Satisfaction rate

  • 88% Participants felt their risk for diabetes had decreased

  • 87% Participants consider themselves more physically active.

Flagship Customers

Blue Shield of California, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Awards and Recognition

Founded 2015
HQ Phoenix, AZ
Funding $72.3m
Leadership Brenda Schmidt, CEO & Founder
Ian Gordon, President & COO
Sandeep Wadhwa, MD, Chief Health Officer & SVP, Market Innovation
Rick Smith, CFO
Employees 175

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Company Vision

Solera Health was founded on the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting and staying healthy. Their consumer-focused approach to help people maintain and improve their health holistically began in diabetes prevention.

In building a technology platform to address the consumer pain point of accessing relevant health-related programs or services, Solera quickly discovered the root of the problem: a highly fragmented ecosystem of community providers, digital programs and other health offerings.

By integrating this into a network model, Solera matched individuals to covered health benefits, while removing the considerable administrative burden of matching, reporting, and billing services for both payers and health service providers. This ‘do less, get more’ approach has proven both intuitive for customers, and easily measurable and billable against medical claims.

Their focus has steadily expanded into chronic disease management, nutrition, stress, sleep, as well as other social determinants, such as economic insecurity and social isolation.


Target Customer: Health plans and Employers

Market Footprint: Solera’s network spans more than 11,000 local programs that cover over 40 million lives across 50 states. They are currently contracted with 15+ enterprise customers.

Strategic Partners: FitBit, Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute (BCBS Institute), US Preventive Medicine, as well as dozens of network partners in diabetes prevention, nutrition, and other areas.

Key Investors: Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures/Sandbox Industries, Adams Street Partners, HCSC Ventures, SFJ Ventures


Solution Overview


Product Description

Solera’s platform matches people to the vetted, evidence-based digital programs and in-person community resources based on individual needs, preferences, and goals. The platform also enables the network of care providers and partners to find relevant patients and get paid more easily. Finally, it removes payer burden of billing, reporting, and engaging members.



Key Features

  • A unique network of vetted digital apps and in-person community programs, accessible via a consumer-friendly technology platform

  • A data driven matching program, ensuring individuals are matched with the “best fit” program to drive engagement and outcomes

  • Built-in data-driven, turn-key marketing program

  • Screening and risk analytics on all members, with reporting and analysis completed for all customers

  • Security & Privacy Management



Pricing Model

Outcomes-based billing through medical claims and/or value-based invoice payments, driven by the platform.

Customers sign a performance-based contract based on target outcomes. All service providers and community partners submit activity and outcomes through Solera’s platform, who then bills the customer through medical claims or value-based invoice payments, and distributes payments to the network providers.



Services Offered

Solera offers comprehensive, end-to-end services to ensure successful, enterprise-level implementation. This includes:

  • Client services

  • Customer service

  • Marketing support and collateral

  • Integration and data science support

  • Reporting and analytics