A social therapeutics company powered by peer-to-peer mentoring that helps patients with poorly-controlled chronic conditions overcome barriers related to behavior change and SDOH.

Notable Outcomes

  • 80 percent of patients saw improvements in their blood sugar readings, with averages of 1.5% reduction in HbA1C

  • Demonstrated time to clinical impact of 6 months, sustained for 24+ months on average

  • 5 percent weight reduction in patients with pre-diabetes

Flagship Customers:

Montefiore Health System, NYC Health + Hospitals, 1199SEIU National Benefit Funds, TrentonHealth, HealthFirst, MetroPlus, Duke University, Atrium Health, National Kidney Foundation, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

Founded 2012
HQ River Edge, NJ
Funding $4.2M
Leadership Ashwin Patel, MD PhD – Founder and CEO
Brijesh Patel – Co-Founder and CTO
Employees 24

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Company Vision

InquisitHealth believes in leveraging the power of peers to improve clinical outcomes.

Their NIH-funded research and commercial deployments have demonstrated how complex, high-risk individuals with unmet social needs require more than referrals or handoffs to build trust and engagement. Their focus is on addressing deep barriers related to social determinants and behavior change, together. 

InquisitHealth creates a fully remote, on-demand workforce of peer mentors (successful patients trained to help others.) With robust technology and training, mentors are matched with patients struggling with chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. Each pair works together 1-on-1 through phone, smartphone and text messaging. The end goal for each patient is sustained improvements in self-management, better clinical outcomes, and a higher quality of life.


Target Customer: Health systems and managed care organizations serving low-income patients

Market Footprint: 16 customers in commercial or research deployments across 9 states

Key Investors: National Institutes of Health (NIH), DreamIT Ventures, Hudson River Capital Partners, NJ CoVest Fund


Solution Overview


Product Description

InquisitHealth’s program consists of a robust training and technology platform that supports a workforce of peer mentors who deploy personalized engagement, at scale. The technology platform facilitates matching of mentor to mentee, delivers tailored programs based on each patient’s particular needs and challenges, and enables secure communication, data capture, and reporting.

For patients, the programs are remote, smartphone-optional, and designed flexibly to meet people where they are. Mentors are trained with evidence-based clinical guidelines, as well as practical knowledge on care/benefits navigation so they can escalate issues or facilitate handoffs to the clinical team as pertinent.



Key Features

  • Evidence-based program support for people living with diabetes, asthma, hypertension, pre-diabetes, sickle-cell anemia

  • Platform supports patient outreach, enrollment, onboarding/ needs assessment, and ongoing engagement

  • Mobile app for patients (optional) + web/mobile platform for mentors

  • Robust platform to provide peer mentors with 24/7 access to communication, training, and other support features

  • Web platform and customizable reporting tools for multiple administrators

  • 12 languages, 19 ethnicities, 50-year agespan (28-78)



Pricing Model

Mentoring-as-a-Service (MaaS): Per member per month pricing

InquisitHealth also licenses a SaaS offering for researchers and patient foundations



Services Offered

  • Patient identification, outreach, enrollment, screening, and matching

  • Connect patients with clients’ existing resources

  • Customizable reporting

  • Facilitate handoffs or escalations to clinical team where pertinent