Better care through deeper patient understanding.

Notable Outcomes

Allium helps clients define, predict, and inflect several outcomes, including but not limited to:

  • re-enrollment in health plans and care management programs

  • improvement in readmissions, no-show rates, pediatric visit rates, vaccinations, satisfaction scores, and other key metrics

  • utilization rates of digital tools for engagement & education

Flagship Customers

Large OB-GYN network, Medicaid ACO in the Northeast, TVR Communications (leading Interactive Patient Care Company)

Founded 2018
HQ Washington, DC
Funding privately held
Leadership Shub Debgupta, Founder
Nick Reding, Founder

Employees 10-20


  • Allium Health partners with TVR Communications to impact 7 million patients across 30k patient beds at 250+ hospitals

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Company Vision

Allium Health helps health organizations activate and engage their members and patients with data-driven solutions that provide visibility into the most relevant and addressable health challenges that members and patients face in their everyday lives.

Allium’s approach delivers individual-level patient insight visualized via its geo-coded and integrated platform. Allium’s predictive analysis draws from its unique data set of long-term behavioral patterns, interests, and individual motivations (rather than just zip code-level summaries of health trends and resources) to provide actionable, high-impact guidance within appropriate clinical and administrative workflows. 


Target Customer: Health systems and ACOs, physician networks, Managed care plans (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial), population health management companies and related vendors.

Market Footprint: 4 major clients with 60+ active provider sites and a reach of 800k members among payers.

Strategic Partners: Allium has partnered with TVR Communications, one of the largest Interactive Patient Care (IPC) companies, reaching 30,000+ patient beds at 250+ hospitals and 7 million patients.
They also work with major consumer data brokers, select industry data brokers, as well as companies in data analytics, micro-targeting, and leading patient communications and patient engagement services vendors, among other execution partners.


Solution Overview


Product Description

Allium helps clients proactively customize patient interactions based on the context of each patient’s unique experience with social determinants:

  1. Learn from each patient’s own behaviors and environment which personal health risk factors are most significant and most manageable

  2. Predict which non-clinical interventions are going to deliver optimal clinical and financial outcomes for the patient’s real-world scenario

  3. Use patient-level insight to tailor care plans and engagement tactics for maximum impact

  4. Drive these insights directly into client workflows - EMRs, CRMs, media channels, administrative systems - at scale



Key Features

  • Robust database of non-clinical health and behavioral data for individually identified 260 million Americans, with longitudinal records describing individual and profile-level trends and changes across a 5-10 year history

  • Library of 200+ nationally validated, evidence-based predictive models on discrete health risks and behaviors to accelerate analytical modeling, analysis, deployment time, and time to results

  • Library of proven algorithms for personalizing provider and payor approaches to care planning and patient engagement

  • APIs and data delivery features to embed insights and results into key client workflows

  • Geo-mapped visualization platform for patient-, site- and community-centric care planning, engagement campaigns, and health resource investments

  • Ability to license and use underlying model data for clients’ internal use



Pricing Model

Allium’s most commonly used pricing model consists of an installation fee and subscription fee that covers service and data licensing.

Allium also offers at-risk pricing models to align pricing with measurable outcomes for clients.

Some custom work is variable and service-dependent.



Services Offered

  • Predictive analysis of key patient outcomes that combine clinical and non-clinical data (e.g. plan re-enrollment, renewals, readmissions, program adherence, incidence, no-show reduction)

  • Visualization of predicted insights within the Allium Activation Platform that integrates with patient care and management solutions

  • Guidance for activation campaigns, including smart texting/messaging, e-mailing and phone calling for optimal outcome achievement

  • Personalization engine to drive customize content and communications strategies for campaigns, marketing, outreach, and direct patient interaction in clinical or payor settings

  • Web Services (APIs) and licensing flexibility to embed data and insights into client systems


  • Allium Health partners with TVR Communications to impact 7 million patients across 30k patient beds at 250+ hospitals