Social Innovation Technology for Healthcare

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A new guide to SDOH Innovation

The 2018 Buyer’s Guide for Social Innovation Technology for Healthcare represents the first dedicated assessment of the emerging innovation landscape around the social determinants of health (SDOH.) It provides an overview of key policy and market trends that will drive adoption of new tools over the next five years and beyond. The report also serves as a strategic buyer’s guide to an emerging class of market-tested solutions for social needs referrals.

The six companies featured in the report offer full-stack technology platforms that enable health systems to conduct systematic screenings for unmet social needs, incorporate those data into broader clinical records and care plans, and facilitate digital “closed-loop” referrals to an up-to-date network of community based organizations.

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Better data and more robust local partnerships are needed to achieve scalability and accountability in SDOH programs. A variety of federal and state programs and key business trends in managed care and health IT are creating the business case for standardization around data capture, communication, and business intelligence analytics specific to SDOH. While our research suggests that less than four percent of the market has adopted these solutions, this figure is expected to triple in five years’ time, representing a CAGR of 23-25 percent.

The report also details the evolution of tech suppliers into strategic partners with deep expertise in key aspects of building SDOH programs, from technical data integration and workflow configuration to policy experience and community engagement. For buyers and decision makers, the report features in-depth profiles on each company, including a technical overview of the platform, detailed product narratives for each of the four key features, as well as a topline company snapshot with information on key experiences, outcomes, markets served, and more.


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