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SDOH Innovation:
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Every problem needs a solution. For the last two years, we’ve been on the lookout for market-tested approaches to address the social determinants of health (SDOH) in communities across the country. To us, the companies below embody what innovation can look like, based on a clear vision and grounded in real-world experience. We’re excited to partner with these innovators to build and maintain this “Wiki.” Our goals: To educate healthcare decision-makers, promote adoption of upstream prevention strategies, and disrupt the status quo.

For more information, see the FAQ below.


(please note companies may be listed in more than one category below)

Allium Health• HealthBegins • Healthify• Inquisit Health

• Signify (TAV) • Solera Health • Wellth

Data & Insights

Non clinical data play a growing role in healthcare. Analytics, algorithms, dashboards, maps, and new tools can guide strategy, business, and policy. 

  • Allium Health

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Communities of Care

Integrating and coordinating with social service providers requires investment in new infrastructure and local partnerships. These companies are leading the way.

  • Healthify

  • Signify (TAV)

  • Solera Health

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Business Transformation

Change is hard. That’s why health systems are turning to proven experts to shape and implement new strategies to move upstream.

  • HealthBegins

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Access to care is a key driver of health outcomes. A new crop of ride solutions for non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) are improving logistics from the ground up.

….coming soon 🚘

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Holistic Health

Clinical diagnosis can miss the bigger picture. These new approaches enable models of care that incorporate social, cultural, or behavioral lens (and a bit of common sense) to improve health at the human level.

  • Inquisit Health

  • Wellth

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We are what we eat. Meet the companies enabling better access to nutrition and food security for individuals, families, and communities across the country.

  • Solera Health

  • Company Name

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Frequently Asked Questions: SDOH Solutions Directory

What is the ‘Wiki?’ How does this work?

Patchwise Labs' Solutions Directory - or Wiki - functions as a strategic partnership between visionary companies disrupting healthcare-as-usual, and us as a creative strategy firm focused on promoting social innovations for health.

  • First, we identify companies whose work we believe in, based on extensive research, conversations, and analysis of the market. Typically we’ll reach out, but sometimes the company will beat us to it.
  • Then, we sign a partnership agreement and start building a wiki profile. Companies also have the option to add additional components to help bring their story to life.
  • Finally, each partner also becomes a sponsor of The Dispatch, where we share their updates alongside key headlines and our editorial analysis on market trends, policy developments, and other news.

So, are these companies are paying for this? Is this just marketing?

Yes, and No: These companies serve as key sponsors who underwrite our operations. This includes value-added content that we build for them, but it also helps us sustain weekly publication of our free, industry-leading SDOH newsletter, The Dispatch.

More broadly, the wiki represents our next step forward in educating the market: We’re picking specific companies that we think healthcare decision-makers should take a closer look at. It's our intention that these profiles, which we'll keep up to date over time, will provide a one-stop-shop for key business details of the companies shaping the future of the market.

TLDR: Think of marketing as the ‘reimbursement code’ that we leverage to keep the lights on as a team of working writers.

What makes you qualified to put this together, anyway?

First and foremost: At Patchwise Labs, we love SDOH Innovation. Our roots come from years spent in health policy, patient advocacy, and health IT market research. For the last 2+ years we've been exclusiely focused on tracking the policy and business developments shaping market opportunities for health systems to address the factors that really shape our health. We’ve published research , created frameworks, advised investments, commented on federal policy , and more. It's all shaped our thesis for what ‘innovation’ can (and should) mean for this emerging market.

And, we love keeping up with the headlines...have we mentioned our newsletter ?

What about companies not on this list? Can we get involved?

There are a lot of SDOH companies out there, and the number is growing by the week. We would emphasize that this directory is not about who’s NOT listed. Rather, we’ve just been partnering deliberately by design, with a focus on getting to know each company and the people behind it over the course of several months, or in some cases, years.

We're engaged in ongoing discussions with additional companies, some of which we're looking forward to partnering with in the future. If you're interested in gettinv involved, we’re always open to meeting new innovators and learning about your work.

If you’d like us to take a closer look at your company, please complete this brief form.