patchwise: 1. one patch at a time


Patchwise Labs is a creative strategy firm promoting social innovations for health. We have one goal: To make health more available to people in their day-to-day lives as patients, consumers, and members of families and communities.

We partner with innovators who are doing work that we believe in, helping them with brand positioning and market access. In turn, they provide us with business and policy insights that we turn into market research, case studies, and reports.

Together, we explore how health and healthcare ought to evolve. Our guiding principle is that improving health can help the bottom line of our healthcare systems and public communities if done correctly. There's really no reason to settle for the status quo.


Our Values


Real Talk

Steering clear of hype as well as cynicism. Rooted in business, policy, and technology; Driven by passion and purpose



We maintain a unique perspective by keeping an ear to the ground, engaging in ongoing, research-based storytelling with true innovators on a mission to fix the system



All of our work is  designed to add value by addressing specific client needs while challenging status quo assumptions in healthcare