patchwise: 1. one patch at a time


Patchwise Labs is a creative strategy firm with one simple goal: To make the healthcare system work better for the people who need its help, whether they're patients, family members, or consumers. 

We work with a select group of early and mid-stage companies who are doing work that we believe in. Together, we arrive at a common vision of how healthcare experiences ought to evolve. Then, we collaborate in pursuit of that vision.

Our guiding principle is that improving health care for patients and consumers can help the bottom line if done correctly. There’s really no reason for health care to be so frustrating, so unreliable, and so hard to use.


Our Values


Real Talk

Steering clear of hype as well as cynicism. Rooted in business, policy, and technology; Driven by passion and purpose



Authentic thought leadership comes from maintaining a unique perspective and engaging in ongoing, research-based storytelling



Designed and priced for a select group of early and mid-stage companies who are bringing important improvements to the healthcare system