Naveen Rao

Founder & Managing

After a decade in the
healthcare industry, Naveen founded Patchwise Labs as an
ideas sandbox for topics related
to patient engagement, technology, and healthcare reform.
DC-based, Boston-bred,



Angela Dunn

Insights Director
Angela is a veteran writer and researcher with a finger on the
pulse of what's next in technology, innovation, and business in health. We agree with her interwebs alias: Health is Cool.



Aditi Chakravarty

Brand Strategy Director
Drawing on a career as a digital marketer and organizational change management consultant, Aditi brings a unique balance of pragmatism and theory to the team. She is also a classically trained opera singer.



David Kulick

Consulting Director
As managing director of 
The Focus Group, David
draws on deep expertise
in commercialization for value-
based markets to drive our consulting strategy.
He's mastered the art of
being in multiple places at
the same time.



Woody Roseland

Creative Director
As principal of Roseland Creative, Woody helps develop our creative engagements. A cancer survivor and public speaker, he's got an eye for photography, videography, and storytelling, and a passion for getting things done. 



Susan Williams

Engagement Director
An anthropologist and design thinker by training, Susan combines deep expertise in behavior change and cultural determinants of
health with a keen eye for the details of every story and experience she crafts. In addition
to managing Agency Other,
she is also a #coolmom.



Jennifer Jung

Art & Design Director
As a biochemistry researcher-turned artist and web designer, Jen has a knack for translating the complex into simple, engaging stories. One recent project she wrapped up?
This site.