Naveen Rao

Founder & Managing Partner
After a decade in the healthcare industry, Naveen founded Patchwise Labs as an ideas sandbox for topics related to patient engagement, technology, and healthcare reform. DC-based, Boston-bred, Austin-paced.



Aditi Chakravarty

Brand Strategy Director
Drawing on a career as a digital marketer and organizational change management consultant, Aditi brings a unique balance of pragmatism and theory to the team. She is also a classically trained opera singer.



Woody Roseland

Creative Director
As principal of Roseland Creative, Woody helps develop our creative engagements. A cancer survivor and public speaker, he's got an eye for photography, videography, and storytelling, and a passion for getting things done. 



Jennifer Jung

Art & Design Director
As a biochemistry researcher-turned artist and web designer, Jen has a knack for translating the complex into simple, engaging stories. One recent project she wrapped up? This site.