An end-to-end SDOH management solution with an enterprise-ready platform to connect patients with social services and coordinate referrals between health plans, providers, and CBOs.

Key Datapoints

  • Healthify’s closed-loop referrals and deployment process have led to a referral completion rate of 74.1 percent

  • Resource validation occurs every 35 days on average, compared to industry average of 180 days

  • On average, customers have saved 10.5 minutes of employee time per member interaction compared to previous workflow

Key Differentiators

  • A unique balance of breadth, covering major US market areas and industry verticals, and depth, with community-specific networks, partnerships, and relationships

  • A keen, responsive focus on the evolution of policy and market trends as they inform key strategic decisions, such as the nature of CBO network development, or the right role to play in enabling and participating in value-based contracting with social service providers 

Key Challenges

  • Balancing market growth and expansion with an ongoing shift towards more service-intensive offerings and channel partnerships

  • Leading development of predictive risk models by incorporating network data from the platform with client-side clinical data 


Headquarters New York, NY
Year Founded 2013
Organization Type C Corporation
Manik Bhat – CEO
Alex Villa – COO
Cesar Herrera – VP of Client Services
Jim Devlin – VP of Sales
# of Employees 55
Funds Raised $9.5M
Customers 40
Customer Types Health Plans (Medicaid MCO, MA, commercial), Health Systems, Health Departments (federal/state), HIE
Flagship Customers Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Johns Hopkins Healthcare, NYU, Evolent Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield KS, Howard County Health Department, United Healthcare
# of Patients Helped to Date 7.5m+
Where Active in 35 states, plans for nationwide expansion in 2018
User Types Primary: care managers, CHW, health coaches, care coordinators, social workers.
Secondary: System administrators, administrative leadership, members/patient
License with recurring user fees based on features used, integration work, and additional client services. Volume-based discounts are available, and larger coordination deployments result in a larger enterprise licensing arrangement


Healthify’s platform offers an end-to-end solution for enabling social determinants of health programs in today’s market. The product offers users powerful and flexible tools to screen for social needs and close the loop on referrals, while the company provides a complete set of business services to complement each technology deployment. Together, these offerings enable Healthify to support customers in building programs that incorporate data and technology meaningfully.

As a company, Healthify has served as a pioneer, helping to shape the current market, based on years of policy engagement, thought leadership, and strategic partnership. They have shown a knack for changing their approach to both product development and business services based on success, challenges, as well as key developments in policy and market trends.

As an example, their approach to resource provision has evolved over the years; while they started with a broad resource directory search engine, they’ve shifted towards more specific network development that includes strategic partner selection, contracting, onboarding, and support for community partners, in the interest of building high-performing social services referral networks into their platform.

Their recent acquisition of competitor Purple Binder increased both market foothold and the depth of their leadership bench. As the social determinants space evolves, Healthify has two strategic goals: First, they seek to understand how health systems can continue moving upstream to maximize prevention-driven value far beyond hospital walls. Secondly, they’re anticipating several key program areas (e.g. diabetes prevention) as well as emerging payment models, determining where they can add value by enabling key data capture and communication or providing other strategic support. 

Looking to the rest of the decade, Healthify aims to lead the conversation on how social services are integrated and paid for in the larger healthcare ecosystem. As part of this work, they are working with their health plan clients to explore how to enable long-term payment/incentive model for social services.